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Food To You Mobile Food Pantry

If you need help feeding the members of your household, you are welcome to visit the Food To You Mobile Food Pantry when it comes to your part of town each month with groceries and household items.

Actual food distribution is at 6:00-7:00pm on Thursdays of every month. See distribution times and locations at the right.

  • No need to come early; all will be served in random order.
  • Proof of income is not required, but please bring some form of ID.
  • Households may use the Mobile Food Pantry only once a month and only one person from a household may receive food for the people at that address.

Sponsored by Charis Ministry Partners, a non-profit organization of Sioux Falls area of Lutheran churches.

Food To You Distribution Schedule

Thank you to the groups listed below who have signed up to sponsor/volunteer for a Food to You Distribution in the coming months. If your business, organization, church, or other group would like to do this please e-mail the Food To You Coordinator as soon as possible. Scheduling is on a first come first serve basis.

The Coordinator is now scheduling groups to sponsor and serve at a Food to You distribution on the following dates marked OPEN:

- No distributions on days Sioux Falls Public Schools are closed due to weather -

Another Way To Help Out

Did you know that personal care items do not qualify as food stamp items? These necessities are something Food to You tries to provide in a limited way to those who use the mobile food pantry.

Your school or confirmation class can help with this!

Collect and assemble HYGIENE PACKS for Food to You to offer to the clients at the weekly distributions. A Hygiene Pack is to be made up in this way:

  • One large roll of toilet paper
  • One bar of soap
  • One deodorant
  • One bottle of shampoo OR one large tube of toothpaste
  • Place the three items in a clear gallon plastic bag and fasten securely with either a twist tie or ziplock.

    Please contact the Coordinator with questions before donating loose items leftover from making the packs. In order to be fair to all clients we cannot accept packs made with different items. (PS: Make sure you use really large rolls of toilet paper!)

    You can drop off Hygiene Packs during regular office hours at East Side Lutheran Church, 1300 East 10th Street. Please leave a note indicating the name of the donor and how many packs were given. Those who will receive the packs say, Thank you!.

    Also needed at any time are...

    donations of large rolls of TOILET PAPER. When it is not possible to hand out full hygiene packs to Food To You guests, a few rolls of toilet paper are given accourding to their household size.

    Please contact the coordinator prior to making a delivery of either hygiene packs or toilet paper to find out where and when to drop off items.

    Thanks to all who help provide these much-needed items for the Food To You guests. (None of these items are purchasable with food stamps/EBT cards.)

    Necessities For Neighbors

    NECESSITIES FOR NEIGHBORS is another Charis ministry that provides help with HOUSEHOLD ITEMS. Necessities for Neighbors takes place at Peace Lutheran Church, 5509 West 41st Street in Sioux Falls on the first Sunday of every month from 3:00 - 4:00pm. The following items are handed out to those who are in need:

  • Laundry Detergent
  • Adult & Child Diapers
  • Toilet Paper
  • Feminine Hygiene Products
  • Those who wish to be served by Necessities for Neighbors are encouraged to arrive no earlier than 2:45pm. Order is determined by random numbers that are drawn just before the distribution.

    Please contact Peace Lutheran Church if you would like to help in any way with Necessities for Neighbors, 605-361-3683. This program is a ministry of Charis Ministry Partners.

    Donations to Food To You Mobile Food Pantry

    Supporting donations are very welcome and needed to support and sustain the Food to You Mobile Food Pantry. This program is funded entirely by the charitable donations of individuals and groups as well as a few small grants (totaling $6,000) for 2009. Charis Ministry Partners is classified as a Public Charity has 501C3 status with the US Internal Revenue Service. The only staff person is a part-time Coordinator who supervises the distributions, promotes the program in the community, and works to arrange and train volunteer groups and individuals.

    A partnership with the Community Food Banks of South Dakota and other area organizations, services, and churches is enabling Charis Ministry Partners to conduct this program to decrease hunger and increase caring in our community. Your gift, large or small, will insure that those in the Sioux Falls community and surrounding area who are struggling to feed the members of their households will receive the help they need.

    Please make your check out to Charis Ministry Partners and send to Food to You Mobile Food Pantry, Charis Ministry Partners, 1300 East 10th Street, Sioux Falls, SD 57103. Your gift is fully tax deductible.

    Distribution Info

    Times: 6:00-7:00pm

    Locations: Map

    East Side Lutheran
    1300 East 10th Street

    Messiah New Hope Lutheran
    5001 East Madison Street

    Augustana Lutheran
    235 North Prairie Avenue

    St. John Lutheran
    1912 West 13th Street

    No Distributions

    Volunteer Info

    Volunteer groups are invited to sign up to sponsor a Thursday evening Food to You distribution by giving a suggested donation of $250-$350 and providing 18-22 volunteers to conduct the distribution under the direction of the Coordinator. Some older youth are welcome as part of the groups. Lesser sponsoring donations and/or smaller groups are welcome and may email the Coordinator to consult as to how to go about this.

    Monthly Food Info

    These are the items that volunteers are asked to collect and bring when their group volunteers. Others are welcome to donate as well. Contact Coordinator for delivery instructions.

    Please try to collect and deliver these items prior to the second Thursday of the month in which they are being distributed so they can get to those who need them.

    Monthly Food Items

    JAN - Macaroni & Cheese

    FEB - Pasta

    MAR - Hearty Soup

    APR - Cereal

    MAY - Peanut Butter

    JUN - Tuna / Tuna Helper

    JUL - Macaroni & Cheese

    AUG - Pasta

    SEP - Hearty Soup

    OCT - Cereal

    NOV - Peanut Butter

    DEC - Tuna / Tuna Helper

    Urgent Need Items