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Why We're Here

We believe that Jesus calls us to meet the spiritual and physical needs of our neighbors. Charis Ministry Partners is the collaboration of the Sioux Falls area Lutheran (ELCA) congregations to help address hunger in our community.

We are here to make sure families have enough to eat.

What is the Food To You Mobile Food Pantry?

Food To You Mobile Food Pantry is a way to get groceries and household items to those who need them on a weekly basis by distributing them in the neighborhoods after daytime work hours.

The Mobile Food Pantry is sponsored as a service in the Sioux Falls area by Charis Ministry Partners, a non-profit organization of fourteen local congregations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.


What is the purpose of the Food To You Mobile Food Pantry?

  • To provide a supplement to existing food assistance in the Sioux Falls area in order to decrease hunger and poverty through greater availability of food and household items.
  • To assist the public in building caring relationships with neighbors served through this program.
  • To express the Christian value of serving and working in respect and partnership with all parts of the community, both those serving and those being served.


How does Food To You work?

The Mobile Food Pantry with food and supplies from the South Dakota Food Bank, will be available on Thursdays to offer a distribution of groceries and personal products from 6:00 – 7:00pm at the following sites:

  • 1st Thursday – EAST SIDE LUTHERAN CHURCH, 1300 East 10th Street
  • 2nd Thursday – MESIAH NEW HOPE LUTHERAN CHURCH, 5001 East Madison Street
  • 3rd Thursday – AUGUSTANA LUTHERAN CHURCH, 235 North Prairie
  • 4th Thursday – ST. JOHN LUTHERAN CHURCH, 1912 West 13th Street (NOTE, Distribution will be at First Lutheran Church on March 23rd, September 23,  November 23, and December 23. 327 S Dakota Ave. Distribution will be at First Presbyterian on October 21st)
  • 5th Thursday – NO DISTRIBUTIONS

No Food Vouchers or proof of income will be required, but those using Food To You can access this service only once a month.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.