Food to You only works thanks to the generous support of our community.  There are lots of ways to support this work and give back to the community.

Food Item of the Month

Any individual or group is welcome to collect and donate the Food of the Month. These items need to be brought to East Side Lutheran Church or to the distribution site if prearranged with the Coordinator.  The month listed is the month the food will be distributed so it is best to collect items in advance of the month they are needed.  Watch the website for upcoming Food of the Month items and contact the Coordinator with questions.

JAN - Macaroni & Cheese

FEB - Pasta

MAR - Hearty Soup

APR - Cereal

MAY - Peanut Butter

JUN - Tuna / Tuna Helper

JUL - Macaroni & Cheese

AUG - Pasta

SEP - Hearty Soup

OCT - Cereal

NOV - Peanut Butter

DEC - Tuna / Tuna Helper


Hygiene Packs

Collect and assemble Hygiene Packs Food to You to offer to the clients at the weekly distributions. A Hygiene Pack is to be made up in this way:

  • One large roll of toilet paper
  • One bar of soap
  • One bottle of shampoo OR one large tube of toothpaste

Place the three items in a clear gallon plastic bag and fasten securely with either a twist tie or ziplock.

Please contact the Coordinator with questions before donating loose items leftover from making the packs. In order to be fair to all clients we cannot accept packs made with different items. (PS: Make sure you use really large rolls of toilet paper!)

You can drop off Hygiene Packs during regular office hours at East Side Lutheran Church, 1300 East 10th Street. Please leave a note indicating the name of the donor and how many packs were given. Those who will receive the packs say, Thank you!.


Also needed at any time are...

donations of large rolls of TOILET PAPER. When it is not possible to hand out full hygiene packs to Food To You guests, a few rolls of toilet paper are given according to their household size.

Please contact the coordinator prior to making a delivery of either hygiene packs or toilet paper to find out where and when to drop off items.

Thanks to all who help provide these much-needed items for the Food To You guests. (None of these items are purchasable with food stamps/EBT cards.)

Give Now

Charis Ministry Partners is a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization. Your tax-deductible gift helps to provide for our neighbors in Sioux Falls in need.